The Lewisville Fire Department is comprised of a dedicated staff of over 50 personnel. The department is a "combination" fire department. This means department staffing consists of employees and volunteers. Volunteer positions in the department range from Junior Firefighters to Chief Officers. Career positions in the department range from Firefighters to Fire Chief. The volunteers and employees work hand in hand to fulfill the departments mission. Some of the duties that department personnel perform include: Fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, emergency medical care, hydrant testing, pre-incident surveys, equipment and station maintenance, training, community fire and life safety education.


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Retired Members


Since 1951, the department has had many dedicated people serve with our organization for the betterment of their community. Their leadership, pride, and noble commitment to duty has set a standard for bravery and dependability in the protection of the public. The successors of their profession shall admire their distinguished service. We honor those who have provided protection and safety to so many.

Bob L. Adams

Don R. Barker

Todd Bowen

Terry Dull

Tony Gough

Martin L. Hauser

John W. Hege

Vance "Uncle Buck" Hicks

Tim L. Hill

Gwyn M. Jennings

Paul M. Jennings

Mark R. Johnson

David R. McKee

G.G. Reynolds

J. Bynum Plunkett

William A. "Smokey" Potts

William "Bill" Slater

Walter L. Sowers

Clark Taylor

Fire Chiefs

G.G. Reynolds

Chief Reynolds was the first chief of the Lewisville Fire Department which was started by the Lewisville Civic Club in 1951. It was chartered in September of 1951. He owned L.A. Reynolds Construction Company which built highways throughout North Carolina and the southeast. He also owned a nursery on Reynolds Road in Lewisville. Additionally he served as President of the Lewisville Civic Club. The Lewisville Civic Center is now named after him in his honor. He will always be known as a leader in the history of Lewisville.


Paul M. Jennings

Paul M. Jennings became Fire Chief in 1961 and served as chief until 1974. He lived on Lewisville-Vienna Road across from the original fire station (picture above). He was the first one to the station when a call came in so he could notify personnel where and what the incident was. There were only 2-3 department personnel who had monitors in the 1960's and early 70's. The wives of the firemen who had monitors had a phone list of firefighters to call when a call for assistance came in. Chief Jennings was part owner of the Lewisville Roller Mill which was founded by his father in the early 1900's. All the buildings was of the mill were built by the Jennings family to help bring business to Lewisville. He was chief when the department purchased it first new fire truck, a 1961 Ford Howe Fire Apparatus. It cost about $9,000. He was also chief when the department purchased its first ladder truck in 1971, a 50' Ford Tele Squrt. The ladder truck cost $48,000. It was the first ladder truck owned by a volunteer fire department in the state of North Carolina and the first Tele Squrt model in the state.


Walter L. Sowers

Chief Sowers was appointed Fire Chief in 1974 and served as chief until 1978. He was a lifetime resident of the Lewisville community and an Army-veteran of World War II. He retired from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company. He served for 26 years in the Fire Department, rising from the ranks of Firefighter to Fire Chief. Chief Sowers was one of the few certified instructors in the department. Chief Jennings and Chief Sowers performed the heavy maintenance on the vehicles. In addition to the normal mechanical work, they removed the water tank from the 1961 fire truck and sandblasted it to remove rust that had formed and then reassembled the vehicle. He served on the committee that oversaw the purchase of a 1971 Ford Chassis for the new ladder truck. He then took vacation from his primary job and he and his wife drove the chassis to Missouri to be outfitted with the fire truck body and ladder.


John W. Hege

Chief Hege was appointed Fire Chief in 1978 and served as chief until 1983. He served for 30 years in the fire service rising in rank from Firefighter to Fire Chief. He also was a lifetime resident of Lewisville and retired from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. He was Fire Chief when the fire department purchased the first brush truck and the rescue truck, a quick response vehicle in 1981.

Phillip R. Dull

Chief Dull was appointed Fire Chief in 1983 and served as chief until 1993. He has served in the department for 30 years. He also rose thru the ranks of the department from Firefighter to Fire Chief. He presently serves as President of the department's Board of Directors. Chief Dull grew up in the Lewisville community and works with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. During his tenure as chief the department built and relocated into a new fire station, replaced a pumper and ladder truck.

David R. McKee

David was a life long resident of the Lewisville community. He served as Fire Chief from 1993 to 1995. He was very active in the community with the Boys Scouts of America and church groups. He served as an elected council member on the first town council when Lewisville was incorporated in 1991. He worked as a career firefighter with the City of Winston-Salem. He had a farm in Surry County that he loved very much, which he received from his grandmother. Chief McKee tragically lost his life on that farm in June of 1997. He will always be missed dearly by everyone that knew him.

William R. "Bill" Slater

Chief Slater is a life long resident of the Lewisville community. He served as Fire Chief from 1995 to 1997. He began his career in the fire service in 1962 and was a member for 37 years, rising from the rank of Firefighter to Fire Chief. Chief Slater also served on the department's board of directors for 24 years. He as the department's treasurer from 1985 to 1995. He was active with the Forsyth County Fire and Rescue Association and served on the association's training committee for 10 years. He was chosen as the Forsyth County Fireman of the Year in 1991. He was a dedicated member to the department.

Hugh H. McBride
Chief McBride also is a life long resident of the Lewisville community. He has over 30 years of service with the department. He served as Fire Chief from 1997 to 2000. Chief McBride's family has a tradition of community service as well. His father, Edward McBride Sr., served with the department and his brother Edward McBride Jr., presently serves with the department. Chief McBride graduated from High Point University. Like many of the past Chiefs, he works for R.J. Reynolds. Chief McBride is active with both of his sons involvement in collegiate and professional baseball.
Wes Lail
Chief Lail was Lewisville's first paid Fire Chief. He was hired in 2001 coming to us from the Lenior community. He has over 20 years of experience in Fire Protection, Emergency Management, Safety Education, and Regulatory Compliance. He is a graduate of Central Piedmont Community College and Western Carolina University. Prior to Lewisville, Chief Lail's work experience included Fire Captain with the City of Hickory Fire Department, Coordinator of NC Fire & Rescue, and EMS Certification Programs for Caldwell and Watauga Counties, Director of the Emergency Preparedness Technology Associates Degree program at Caldwell Community College. Chief Lail presently serves as Fire Chief for Morehead City, NC.