Station 11 Apparatus

Engine 111: 2020 Pierce Enforcer Custom Pumper; Cummins X12, Waterous 2000GPM Pump, 1000 Gallon Booster Tank, Low Hose Bed with Pre-Connects in rear, 6-Seat Cab, Carries 1 of 2 LUCAS Devices, Also Carries Small DJI Drone with Thermal Imagining Technology.

Truck 11: 2007 Pierce Dash 100′ HD Aluminum Rear Mount Aerial; Waterous 2000 GPM Pump, 500 Gallon Booster Tank, Carries All Life Safety Rope Complement, 6-Seat Cab.

Utility 811: Ford F-250 Pickup; Primary Tow Vehicle for Water Rescue Response from Station 11, Backup Medical Response.

Boat Trailer 11: Carries 1 – Zodiac 470 Inflatable Rescue Boat, 1 – Inmar 470 Inflatable Rescue Boat, 1 – NRS Inflatable Rescue Raft, Evinrude ETEC 40 HP Motor, Evinrude ETEC 30 HP Motor, Water Rescue PPE, and Accessories.

Command 511: 2020 Ford F-250; Incident Command Vehicle


Station 13 Apparatus

Engine 113: 2023 Pierce Enforcer Custom Pumper; Cummins X12, Waterous 2000 GPM Pump, 1000 Gallon Booster Tank, Low Hose Bed, 1 3/4″ Pre-Connects are Mid-Mount Cross Lays, Carries 2nd LUCAS Device.

Tanker 413: 2015 Midwest Fire/Freightliner Tanker; 2000 Gallon Elliptical Tank, 100 Gallon Foam Cell, 1000 Gallon Single-Stage Pump, 2100 Gallon Portable Folding Tank, 3 Newton Style Quick Dump Valves.

Rescue 13: 1998 Saulsbury/Spartan Rescue Body; Carries Wide Array of Extrication Devices, Cribbing, Res-Q-Jack System, High Pressure Air Bags, Roof-Mounted Light Tower, Front and Rear Winches.

Brush 313: 2022 Ford F-250 Pickup; Skid-Mounted 100 Gallon Booster Tank and Pump, Carries Array of Wild Land/Urban Interface Tools and Equipment.

Boat Trailer 13: Carries Water Rescue PPE, Indoor Changing Area for Water Technicians, Command Center for Water Team Deployments.

Utility 713: 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe; Carries Most Drone/UAS Equipment, Equipped with Mobile Command Post for Drone Deployments.