Our department’s beginning goes back to 1951, when the Lewisville Civic Club established a formal, volunteer force to help protect local residents from the threat of fire.

Today, the Lewisville Fire Department is a combination department comprised of full-time employees, part-time employees, and volunteers. Together, we are responsible for emergency services in our 33-square-mile district that covers portions of the Town of Lewisville, the Village of Clemmons and outlying areas of Forsyth County.

Here are the services that we currently provide:


The central mission of our department is, of course, putting out fires – in tandem with our top priority of protecting life by getting people to safety. Another priority is to protect property by containing fires and limiting the damage they cause.

While these fire-suppression priorities have remained the same over the years, the types of fires and the dangers we face have dramatically expanded and include:

  • Residential fires
  • Commercial fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Grass/brush fires


Along with our expanded fire-suppression efforts, our rescue duties have evolved to include not only extracting individuals from burning structures, but also rescuing people in all types of situations.

As a result, we train constantly in the use of a wide variety of specialized tools and techniques – from rappelling down a steep incline to conducting rescues under water.


Our team is also trained to provide Haz-Mat mitigation services at the Operations Level. This means we are qualified to understand and interpret the basic hazards of a chemical incident and assess the risk, within the scope of our equipment, resources, training and personnel on hand.


Our special operations division is part of the Lewisville Fire Department, but not all members are required to be part of a special operations team.  These members undergo specialized initial training and must maintain proficiency by obtaining monthly continuing education in their particular discipline.  We currently offer two specialized programs.


Our department responds to medical emergencies in the Lewisville and West Bend fire districts. The location of our fire stations enables a quick response time in most cases. Our Emergency Medical Technicians are trained and equipped to provide initial treatment for a range of life-threatening issues:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stroke
  • Gunshot wound
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizures
  • Environmental emergencies