The Lewisville Fire Department is comprised of a skilled and dedicated staff. As a combination fire department, we rely both on paid employees and volunteers. Career positions in the department range from Firefighter to Fire Chief, and volunteer positions range from Junior Firefighter to Chief Officer.

We rely heavily on our volunteers, and their dedication and skills are an essential part of our ability to provide the best service to our community. Lewisville Fire Department volunteers perform many of the same duties as our paid staff, including responding to fires, medical calls, and vehicle accidents. They also assist with equipment and station maintenance, hydrant testing, community service, and public education.

The Lewisville Fire Department accepts volunteer firefighter applications all year. Candidates who successfully complete the application process join the department in January or July. The department provides accepted applicants with all necessary training and personal protective equipment free of charge.

  • Volunteer Firefighter

    Firefighters perform immediate duties in fire suppression, hazardous materials mitigation, rescue, and related work.

  • Resident Firefighter

    This program is ideally suited to college students who are pursuing a career in the fire service. Resident firefighters work and train with the department and perform various shift duties. In return for their service, all training and accommodations are provided free of charge.

  • Junior Firefighter

    Our junior program is a great opportunity to experience firsthand the profession of firefighting. Junior team members are trained to provide closely supervised support for the department’s fire suppression and rescue efforts. Applicants must be at least 14 years old and enrolled in an educational institution or program.


Candidates who are interested in joining our department must complete an agility test, oral interview, background check, and a drug test. Our agility test is comprised of seven stations. For a description of the test, please click here.

If you are interested in joining our team – in either a career or volunteer capacity – please contact us for more information regarding current job openings and requirements.